Kei Nakayama

2-11-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5841-7689
Fax: +81-3-5841-7694


  • August 2017 - present, Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo
  • April 2014 - March 2017, Research Associate, Waseda University

  • July 2017, Doctor of Science, Waseda University
  • March 2014, Master of Science, Waseda University
  • March 2012, Bachelor of Science, Waseda University

  • Research

    Structural analysis of materials for solid-state lithium-ion batteries

    Crystallographic features of quasicrystals and related intermetallic compounds



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    International conference

    1. K. Nakayama, D. Kurihara, Y. Koyama, Crystallographic Relation between the ν and H Phases in the Mn-Si-V Alloy System, 2016 MRS Fall Meeting, Hynes (Boston), 2016.11.29.

    2. K. Nakayama, T. Komatsuzaki, Y. Koyama, Crystallographic features of the approximant H phase in the Mn-Si-V alloy system, THERMEC’2016, Messe Gratz (Gratz), 2016.6.1.

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    4. K. Nakayama, Y. Yabu, Y. Koyama, Crystallographic features of the ν phase in the Mn-Si binary alloy system, THERMEC’2013, Rio Hotel (Las Vegas), 2013.12.4.

    Domestic conference

    1. 中川雅也, 仲山啓, 小山泰正, Zn-Mg-Y合金におけるH構造と三次元準結晶との結晶学的相関, 日本金属学会2016年秋季(第159回), 大阪大学豊中キャンパス, 2016.9.21.

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    3. 仲山啓, 渡辺順也, 小山泰正, 配位多面体T構造と三次元準結晶の結晶学的相関, 日本金属学会2014年秋季(第155回)講演大会, 名古屋大学東山キャンパス, 2014.9.24.

    4. 仲山啓, 水野隆, 谷村誠, 小山泰正, Al-Mn合金におけるγ-黄銅およびβ-Mn構造の結晶学的相関, 日本金属学会2012年秋季(第151回)講演大会, 愛媛大学城北キャンパス, 2012.9.19.