Akihito Kumamoto

Yayoi 2-11-16, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-8656
Phone +81-3-5841-7689
Fax +81-3-5841-7694
mail: kumamoto@sigma.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp


  • 2011-present Project Researcher, The University of Tokyo
  • 2010-2011 JSPS Research Fellow

  • Ritsumeikan University, Ph.D. in Science 2011
  • Ritsumeikan University, B.S. in Physical Sciences 2006

  • Research

    Industrial application of aberration corrected (scanning) transmission electron microscopy

    Atomically resolved scanning transmission electron microscopic energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

    Publication list

    Publication list

    1. Gao, P. Ishikawa, R., Tochigi, E., Kumamoto, A., Shibata, N. and Ikuhara, Y.,
      "Atomic-Scale Tracking of a Phase Transition from Spinel to Rocksalt in Lithium Manganese Oxide",
      Chemistry of Materials 29, 1006-1013 (2016).

    2. An, H., Kumamoto, A., Takezaki, H., Ohyama, S., Qian, Y., Inoue, T., Ikuhara, Y., Chiashi, S., Xiang, R. and Maruyama, S.,
      "A Chirality specific and spatially uniform synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes from a sputtered Co-W bimetallic catalyst",
      Nanoscale 8, 14523-14529 (2016).

    3. Imanaka, Y., Amada, H., Kumasaka, F., Awaji, N. and Kumamoto, A.,
      "Atomically ordered solute segregation behaviour in an oxide grain boundary",
      J. Nanoparticle Res. 18, 1-9 (2016).

    4. Feng, B., Yokoi, T., Kumamoto, A., Yoshiya, M., Ikuhara, Y. and Shibata, N.,
      "Atomically ordered solute segregation behaviour in an oxide grain boundary",
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    5. Kumamoto, A., Shibata, N., Nayuki, K., Tohei, T., Terasaki, N., Nagatomo, Y., Nagase, T., Akiyama, K., Kuromitsu, Y. and Ikuhara, Y.,
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    6. Cui, K., Kumamoto, A., Xiang, R., An, H., Wang, B., Inoue, T., Chiashi, S., Ikuhara, Y. and Maruyama, S.,
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      Nanoscale 8, 1608-1617 (2016).

    7. Matsui, K., Nakamura, K., Kumamoto, A., Yoshida, H. and Ikuhara, Y.,
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    8. Gorgoll, R. M., Yücelen, E., Kumamoto, A., Shibata, N., Harano, K. and Nakamura, E.,
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      Earth, Planets and Space 66, 84 (2014).

    10. Kumamoto, A., Kogure, T., Raimbourg, H. and Ikuhara, Y.,
      "Dislocation imaging for orthopyroxene using an atom-resolved scanning transmission electron microscopy",
      Microscopy 63, i17 (2014).

    11. Suzuki, H., Miura, Y., Kumamoto, A., Nishioka, M., Abe, R., Onagawa, J. and Kaito, C.,
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    12. Uchida, S., Ogasawara, Y., Maruichi, T., Kumamoto, A., Ikuhara, Y., Yamada, T., Kitagawa, H. and Mizuno, N.,
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    13. Wang, J., Katahara, J. K., Kumamoto, A., Tohei, T., Sugawara-Narutaki, A., Shimojima, A. and Okubo, T.,
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    14. Liu, C., Kumamoto, A., Sodabanlu, H., Sugiyama, M. and Nakano, Y.,
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    15. Zhao, P., Kumamoto, A., Kim, S., Chen, X., Hou, B., Chiashi, S., Einarsson, E., Ikuhara, Y. and Maruyama, S.,
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    16. Thurakitseree, T., Kramberger, C., Kumamoto, A., Chiashi, S., Einarsson, E. and Maruyama, S.,
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    17. Shimizu, H., Kumamoto, A., Shima, K., Kobayashi, Y., Momose, T., Nogami, T. and Shimogaki, Y.,
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    1. Kumamoto, A.
      「原子分解能STEM-EDSを用いた結晶材料の局所構造解析」"Local Structure Analysis Using Atom-Resolved STEM-EDS",
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    7. 熊本 明仁,LUGG Nathan,FINDLAY Scott,柴田 直哉,幾原 雄一,
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    8. Kumamoto, A., Kogure, T., Raimbourg, H. and Ikuhara, Y.,
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    1. 日本セラミックス協会第42回学術写真賞 優秀賞(2017年3月18日)

    2. Ceramographic Competition at MS&T 2016 Meeting, Salt Lake City, U.S.A. 1st place winner(2016.10.24)

    3. 日本セラミックス協会第41回学術写真賞 優秀賞(2016年5月18日)

    4. 日本セラミックス協会第28回秋季シンポジウム 優秀講演賞(2015年9月18日)

    5. 共用・計測合同シンポジウム2014 the Excellent Poster Award(2014年3月14日)

    6. 日本顕微鏡学会第65回学術講演会 優秀学生ポスター賞(2009年5月28日)