Wei Jiake (魏 家科)

Yayoi 2-11-16, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-8656
Phone +81-3-5841-7689
Fax +81-3-5841-7694
mail: wei@sigma.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp


  • June 2010, B.E., Harbin Institute of Technology (School of Materials Science and Engineering), China
  • June 2016, Ph. D., Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, China
  • July 2016-Novermber 2016, Assistant Professor, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (School of Micro-Electronics and Solid-State electronics), China
  • April 2017-Current, Postdoc, The University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Research

    Bandgap measurement and surface plasmon studying by STEM-EELS

    In-situ manipulation of carbon nanomaterials in TEM

    Publication list


    1. J. Wei, Z. Xu, H. Wang, X. Tian, S. Yang, L. Wang, W. Wang and X. Bai . "In-situ TEM imaging of the anisotropic etching of graphene by metal nanoparticles", Nanotechnology (2014)

    2. J. Wei, N. Jiang, J. Xu, X. Bai and J. Liu. "Strong coupling between ZnO excitons and localized surface plasmons of silver nanoparticles studied by STEM-EELS", Nano letters (2015)

    3. K. Qi, J. Wei, M. Sun, Q. Huang, X. Li, Z. Xu, W. Wang and X. Bai. "Real‐time Observation of Deep Lithiation of Tungsten Oxide Nanowires by In Situ Electron Microscopy", Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2015)

    4. H. Tang, J. Wei, F. Liu, B. Qiao, X. Pan, L. Li, J. Liu, J. Wang and T. Zhang. "Strong Metal–Support Interactions between Gold Nanoparticles and Nonoxides", Journal of American Chemical Society (2015)

    5. J. Wei, Z. Xu, H. Wang, W. Wang and X. Bai. " In-situ TEM studying of the dynamic behaviors of graphene metal interface under joule heating", Science China Technological Sciences (2016)

    Conference Proceedings

    1. J. Wei, J. Xu, X. Bai and J. Liu. "Strong Coupling between ZnO Exciton and Localized Surface Plasmon in Ag Nanoparticles Studied by STEM-EELS", Microscopy and Microanalysis, 21, S2(2015)