Takehito Seki

BLGD.9, Yayoi 2-11-16, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 113-8656
TEL: +81-3-5841-7723
Fax: +81-3-5841-7694
Mail: seki     sigma.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp (please insert @ instead of space)


2015 - Poctdoctoral Fellow, The University of Tokyo.
2014 - 2015 JSPS Research Fellowship (PD)
2013 - 2014 JSPS Research Fellowship (DC2)
2011 - 2014 Ph.D. The University of Tokyo


STEM Imaging Using a Segmented Detector

Complex metallic alloy

Publication list

Peer Review Papers

1. T. Seki, E. Abe, "Local cluster symmetry of a highly ordered quasicrystalline Al58Cu26Ir16 extracted through multivariate analysis of STEM images",
Microscopy 64 241 (2015).

Review Articles

1. E. Abe, D. Egusa, R. Ishikawa and T. Seki, "Ultrahigh-Resolution STEM Analysis of Complex Compounds",
JEOL News, 45, 20 (2010).

Conference Proceedings

2. T. Seki, E. Abe, "Direct observations of local electronic states in an Al-based quasicrystal by STEM-EELS",
Microscopy 63 i17 (2014).

1. T. Seki, E. Abe and S.J. Pennycook, “Quantitative Analysis of Point Defects in an Ideal Quasicrystal with Aberration- Corrected STEM and First-Principles Calculations”, AMTC Letters 2 (2010) 194.


2. Sep. 2013 Best Poster Prize, 12th International Conference on Quasicrystals

1. May 2011 Young Scientist Award, The 6th Asian International Workshop on Quasicrystal