Topics in 2021


2021.12.02 Dr Kondo back as an assistant professor

Dr. Shun Kondo who got PhD from our lab. and was a Postdoctoral Fellow, Chalmers University of Technology, came back to our lab. as an Assistant Professor, December 1st, 2021.


2021.12.01 Five students won 64th JSM Symposium Awards

Our five students won the Grand Poster Award and other awards in the 64th Symposium of the Japanese Society of Microscopy November 26, 2021. Five winners and awards: Kosuke Ooe(3rd year PhD course) for The Grand Poster Award; Satoko Toyama(2nd year PhD course)for the same; Yoshiki Murakami(1st year PhD course)for The Grand Oral Presentation Award; Minjian Cao(2nd year master course)for the same; Kodai Tabata(1st year master course)for The Excellent Poster Award.


2021.11.26 Prof Ishikawa win Honda Memorial Young Reseracher Award

Project Associate Professor Ryo Ishikawa, Next Generation Electron Microscopy Social Cooperation Program, whose research theme "Direct observation of point defects in ceramics by atomic-resolution electron microscopy" was recognized and won the 42th Honda Memorial Young Researcher Award November 26, 2021.


2021.10.16 Assistant Prof Tochigi climb to IIS Assosiate Prof

Assistant Professor Eita Tochigi climbed to Associate Professor at Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, October 16, 2021.


2021.09.21 Moriyama win Excellent Presentation Award

Takafumi Moriyama, a student in the doctoral couse, won the Excellent Presentation Award at the 34th Fall Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan, September 7, 2021.


2021.06.29 Nature Materials Editorial feature our paper

Nature Materials featured our paper (JK Wei and etc. all, Nature Materials, 20, 951–955, 2021) in the News & Views published 24 June, 2021, and also featured it in the Editorial published 29 June, 2021.

Interface migration by phase transformations, News & Views, Nature Materials, 24 June, 2021.

Phases at the interface, Editorials, Nature Materials, 29 June, 2021.


2021.04.14 Prof Ishikawa win Young Scientist Award of MEXT

Project Assosiate Professor Ryo Ishikawa, Next Generation Electron Microscopy Social Cooperation Program, won the Young Scientist Award by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology April 14, 2021.


2021.03.10 ACerS interview for Prof Ikuhara released

The American Ceramics Society(ACerS) is released the ineterview for Professor Yuichi Ikuhara on thier website March 10, 2021.

ACerS's website
→ Publications→ ceramic Tech chat→ LISTEN TO CERAMIC THCH CHAT
→Scanning TEM unlocks grain boundary secrets: Yuichi Ikuhara



2021.02.24 UTokyo-JEOL 15th Anniversary Symposium YouTube video

The anniversary Symposium which commemorates the cooperation with University of Tokyo and Nihon Denshi (JEOL)'s 15th anniversary Symposium was held on December 4 2020. The Business-Academia Cooperation Office uploaded the Director and Professor Y. Ikuhara 's lecture video on YouTube.


2021.02.03 Labo Tours_Coming Soon!

We are holding our laboratory tours for newly 4th grade students for the following date. We are planning to briefly introduce our laboratory, a quastion and Answer period and Microscopy tours. Please feel free to join us!

Crystal Interface Laboratory (Prof. Y. Ikuhara) Tour

     Date     Day         Hour
February 10Wed13:00~15:00
February 17Wed13:00~15:00
March  11Thu13:00~15:00
Place: Room 415, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 9 at Asano Section.



2021.01.12 Direct imaging of atomistic grain boundary migration

Direct imaging of atomistic grain boundary migration : Visiting reseacher Jiake Wei, Project Associate Professor Bin Feng, Project Associate Professor Ryo Ishikawa, Professor Naoya Shibata, Professor Yuichi Ikuhara, Institute of Engineering Innovation, and other researchers.