Topics in 2018


2018.12.11 Prof Ikuhara, Others discover One-dimensional Crystals in ceramics

Prof.Iuhara, Dr. Mitsuhiro Saito, Dr. Kazutoshi Inoue and others discovered one-dimensional long-range ordered structure in ceramic. Each papers reported it in unison. The research paper has published at the Nature Material web site December 10, 2018.



2018.11.20 Prof Jane Howe give lecture

Professor Jane Y. Howe, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, gave a lecture on "Solving materials problems on Moon and Earth via “Lab in the Gap” approach" to us.


2018.11.01 Dr Haili Song studing 3 month

Dr. Hail Song, Key Laboratory of Polar Materials and Devices and Electron Microscope Center, Ministry of Education, East China Normal University, is now in traning at our Lab. during her 3 month stay.


2018.10.24 Dr Mathew Chisholm give lecture

Dr. Mathew Chisholm, Group Leader, Electron Microscopy Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, gave a lecture on "Seeing Atoms More Clearly" to us.


2018.10.15 Prof Shibata win ACerS Fulrath Award

Professor Naoya Shibata won Richard M. Fulrath Award at the 120th Annual Meeting on Materials Science & Technology 2018, Columbus, Ohio, USA. He gaved the Award lecture Oct. 15 afternoon.



2018.09.19 Dr Bin Feng win Young Researcher Award

Dr Bing Feng, Assistant Professor, won the 28th Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Young Researcher Award at 2018 Fall Annual(163th) Meeting, Sendai, Japan, September 19, 2018.


2018.09.21 Our Gabriel come back again

Dr. Gabriel Sanchez Santolino who is formerly our lab's researcher, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Spanish National Research Council, has come back to our lab. again. He is doing joint research with us during his 3 month stay.


2018.09.14 Prof Ikuhara win Hatsujiro Hashimoto Medal

Professor Yuichi Ikuhara won the 2018 Hatsujiro Hashimoto Medal at 19th International Microscopy Congress(IMC19) held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia, September 14, 2018.


2018.09.06 Shun Ssasano win Outstunding Presentation Award

Shun Sasano, a first-year post-graduate student, won the outstunding presentation award of the specific session at the 31st Fall Meeting of the Ceramic society of Japan held at Nagoya, September 6, 2018.


2018.07.05 Miao Bin win Excellent Poster Award

Miao Bin, a Ph.D. candidate, won Excellent Poster Award with "Direct observation of rhombohedral twinning dislocation in alumina (α-Al2O3) at atomic resolution" at JSPS Core-to-Core Japan Workshop 2018 "Nanoscale Electron-Phonon Interactions via Energy Dissipation and Fluctution", Koshiba Hall, the University of Tokyo, July 5th, 2018.


2018.06.01 Prof Zhou, Dr Kalini give lectures

Professor Zhou Weilie, Advanced Materials Research Institute, University of New Orleans and Dr. Sergei V. Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory gave lectures on "Three-dimensional Nanowire Arrays for Supercapacitors and Piezo-photo-magnetotronics Fabrication" and "Atomic Fabrication via Electron Beams: From Big Data to Atomic Robotics" to us.


2018.05.30 Dr Ishikawa win JSM Encouragement Award

Dr Ryo Ishikawa, Research Associate, won the Encouragement Award of Japan Society of Microscopy with "Structural analysis of point defects using atomic-resolution STEM" at the 74th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Microscopy, Kurume city, Japan, May 30, 2018.


2018.05.17 The Fellow Prof Riedel give lecture

Professor Ralf Riedel, Dean of the Department of Materials and Earth Sciences, Institute of materials science, Technische Universität Darmstadt and the Fellow of School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo gave a lecture on "Advanced High Pressure Nitrides" May 17, 2018.


2018.05.14  Prof Riedel now in UT

Professor Ralf Riedel, Dean of the Department of Materials and Earth Sciences, Institute of materials science, Technische Universität Darmstadt and Fellow, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo is now in Japan.  Fellow, School of Engineering, UT



2018.05.11  NTNU Holmestad Group visit Labo

Professor Randi Holmestad's group, Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU) visited our laboratory May 11, 2018. Elise Brenne who studied at our lab. as an exchange student from NTNU, made a presentation on her studies.


2018.04.27 Dr Kumamoto interviewed on NanotechJapan site.

Dr. Akihito Kumamoto, Project Resercher, was interviewed and the interviews are appearerd in the Naonotech Japan Bulletin site.



2018.04.05  Riku Tanaka win Best Student Presentation Award

Riku Tanaka won Best Student Presentation Award at 2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA April 5, 2018.


2018.04.01  We accept newcomers

Our laboratory accepted four fourth year undergraduate students from the new school term.



2018.03.23  Satoko Toyama win Dean’s Award FY2017

Satoko Toyama won Dean’s Award FY2017 at the graduation ceremony held on March 23, 2018. The Dean’s Award is given by Dean Okubo to excellent students who made distinguished academic achievements.


2018.03.01  Always welcome to Labo Tours now

You are always welcome to our laboratory tours for newly 4th grade students. We are planning to briefly introduce our laboratory, a quastion and Answer period and Microscopy tours. Please feel free to join us!

Please call or email to Assistant Professor Ryo Ishikawa.
Phone 03-5841-7723, 7688, 7689

2018.02.19 Currently having Labo tours now

We are holding our laboratory tours for newly 4th grade students for the following date. We are planning to briefly introduce our laboratory, a quastion and Answer period and Microscopy tours. Please feel free to join us!

     Date     Day         Hour
February 19Mon13:00~15:00
February 20Tue13:00~15:00
February 21Wed13:00~15:00
Place: Room 415, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 9 at Asano Section.


2018.02.14  Dr Kumamoto awarded the excellent technical award

Dr. Kumamoto was awarded the 2017 excellent technical award of Nanotechnology Platform Japan (NTPJ) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).


2018.02.12  Prof Ikuhara to win Hatsujiro Hashimoto Medal

Professor Ikuhara will recieve "The 2018 Hatsujiro Hashimoto Medal" from IFSM(International Federation of Societies for Microscopy). The Award Ceremony will take place at the IFSM Symposiumon on the Friday morning of IMC19 at Sydney and will again consist of special talks to be given by the winners of the IFSM Medals.

About the Hatsujiro Hashimoto Medal


2018.02.01  Dr. Zhang Wei comes our group

Dr. Zhang Wei came our group as a project researcher on February 1st.


2018.01.31  Prof Kim Young-Wook give lecture

Prof Kim Young-Wook, Functional Ceramics Laboratory, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Seoul, gave a lecture on “Electrical Properties of Liquid-Phase Sintered Silicon Carbide Ceramics” for us.