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  • June 2014, B.E., Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • June 2016, M.E., Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • July 2020, Ph. D., Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • October 2020-Current, JSPS Postdoc, The University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Research

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    Publication list


    1. J. Lin, P. Wang, H. Wang, C. Li, X. Si, J. Qi, J. Cao, Z. Zhong, W. Fei, J. Feng, Defect-rich heterogeneous MoS2/NiS2 nanosheets electrocatalysts for efficient overall water splitting. Advanced Science, 6, 14, 1900246, 07, 2019.

    2. J. Lin, Y. Yan, C. Li, X. Si, H. Wang, J. Qi, J. Cao, Z. Zhong, W. Fei, J. Feng, Bifunctional electrocatalysts based on Mo-doped NiCoP nanosheet arrays for overall water splitting. Nano-Micro Letters, 11, 1, 55, 07, 2019.

    3. Y. Yan, J. Lin, J. Cao, S. Guo, X. Zheng, J. Feng, J. Qi, Activating and optimizing the activity of NiCoP nanosheets for electrocatalytic alkaline water splitting through the V doping effect enhanced by P vacancies, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019,7, 24486-24492.

    4. J. Lin, H. Wang, X. Zheng, Y. Du, C. Zhao, J. Qi, J. Cao, W. Fei, J. Feng, Controllable synthesis of core-branch Ni3S2/Co9S8 directly on nickel foam as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting. Journal of Power Sources, 401, 15, 329-335, 10, 2018.

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