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2018年 学術論文

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      3. B. Feng, N. R. Lugg, A. Kumamoto, N. Shibata, and Y. Ikuhara, "On the quantitativeness of grain boundary chemistry using STEM EDS: A ZrO2 Sigma 9 model grain boundary case study,"
        Ultramicroscopy, 193 33-38 (2018).
      4. Y. Furushima, A. Nakamura, E. Tochigi, Y. Ikuhara, K. Toyoura, and K. Matsunaga, "<10 1¯0> Dislocation at a {2 1¯ 1¯0} low-angle grain boundary in LiNbO3,"
        Journal of Materials Science, 53[1] 333-44 (2018).
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        Ultramicroscopy, 184 217-24 (2018).
      6. P. Gao, A. Kumamoto, R. Ishikawa, N. Lugg, N. Shibata, and Y. Ikuhara, "Picometer-scale atom position analysis in annular bright-field STEM imaging,"
        Ultramicroscopy, 184 177-87 (2018).
      7. P. Gao, S. Z. Yang, R. Ishikawa, N. Li, B. Feng, A. Kumamoto, N. Shibata, P. Yu, and Y. Ikuhara, "Atomic-Scale Measurement of Flexoelectric Polarization at SrTiO3 Dislocations,"
        Physical Review Letters, 120[26] (2018).
      8. X. D. Hao, C. L. Chen, M. Saito, D. Q. Yin, K. Inoue, S. Takami, T. Adschiri, and Y. Ikuhara, "Direct Imaging for Single Molecular Chain of Surfactant on CeO2 Nanocrystals,"
        Small, 14[31] (2018).
      9. X. D. Hao, A. Yoko, C. L. Chen, K. Inoue, M. Saito, G. Seong, S. Takami, T. Adschiri, and Y. Ikuhara, "Atomic-Scale Valence State Distribution inside Ultrafine CeO2 Nanocubes and Its Size Dependence,"
        Small, 14[42] (2018).
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      17. S. Kobayashi, K. Inoue, T. Kato, Y. Ikuhara, and T. Yamamoto, "Multiphase nanodomains in a strained BaTiO3 film on a GdScO3 substrate,"
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