Topics in 2017


2017.12.01  Prof Naoya Shibata rise in rank

Former associate professor Naoya Shibata was appointed to a professorship at the Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, University of Tokyo on December 1st, 2017.


2017.10.10  Prof Randi Holmestad give lecture

Professor Radi Holmestad, Department of Physics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU), gave a lecture on “Utilizing smart data analysis to get the most out of TEM result” for us.


2017.10.06  Prof Ikuhara awarded Hattori Hokokai Award

Professor Yuichi Ikuhara was awarded the award by Hattori Hokokai Fundation.


2017.10.04  Prof Ikuhara to receive Hattori Hokokai Award

Professor Yuichi Ikuhara will receive the award of the Hattori Hokokai Fundation. The Nikkankogyo Shinbun reported.


2017.10.01  Doctoral Course student Yang Chuchu join our group

Yang Chuchu, a Doctoral Course student from China, joined our group, October 1st, 2017.


2017.09.27  Prof Jürgen Rödel give lecture

Professor Jürgen Rödel, Institute of Materials Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany gave a lecture on "Mechanically tuned conductivity:dislocations and potential barriers" for us.


2017.09.20  Shun Sasano win the outstanding student award at the 30th Fall Meeting of CerSJ

Shun Sasano, a master's course student, won the outstunding student lecturer award at the 30th Fall Meeting ot the Ceramic Society of Japan, September 20th, 2017.


2017.08.08  Our group develop highest resolution electron microscope

Our group and JEOL developed highest resolution electron microscope. The Nikkei Shinbun, one of national newspaper, reported the story. Prof. Ikuhara and others presented the scientific papers at Microscopy & Microanalysis 2017 Meeting held in USA.

The article (Japanese text)


2017.08.01  Dr Nakayama comes our group

Dr. Nakayama came our group as a project researcher on August 1st.


2017.07.25  Prof Joanne Etheridge and Prof Laure Bourgeois give lectures

Professor Joanne Etheridge and Associate Professor Laure Bourgeois of Monash Centre for Electron Microscopy, Monash University gave lectures on "Revealing nanostructures using focused electron beams" and "Probing interfacial structure and phase transformations in embedded nano-crystals" for us.


2017.07.01  Dr Feng Bin rised to Assistant Professor

Dr. Feng Bin was rised to Assistant Professor as of July 1st.


2017.06.06  Prof. Keith Mcknna and Prof.Scott Findlay give lecture

Professor Keith Mcknna, University of York and Professor Scott D. Findlay, Monash University gave lectures on "Grain boundaries and dislocations in metal-oxide materials" and "Explorations in quantitative scanning transmission electron microscopy" for us.


2017.06.02  Enjoy welcom barbecue evening

Dr. Scott D. Findlay and Dr. Gabriel Sanchez Santolino came home again. We enjoyed a welcome barbecue evening.


2017.06.01  Dr. Kawahara comes our group

Dr. Kawahara came our group as a project researcher on June 1st, 2017.

2017.05.31  Electric field imaging of single atoms

We directly visualize that the electric field distribution (blurred by the sub-Å size electron probe) drastically changes within the single Au atom in a shape that relates to the spatial variation of total charge density within the atom.

Nature Communications 8, 15631 (2017)

2017.05.17  Kumamoto and Higashi win Ceremographic Award

Dr. Kumamoto and Master student Higashi won The Ceremographic Awards of Ceramics Society of Japan.

2017.04.03  UTokyo-Chalmers workshop completed successfully!!

The University of Tokyo- Chalmers University of Technology workshop held at Sanjyo Conference Hall, Univ. of Tokyo in March 30-31 was satisfactorily completed.

2017.04.01  We accept the newcomers.

Our laboratory accepted three fourth year undergraduate students, a project researcher and an exchange program student from the new school term.

2017.03.18  Kumamoto and Higashi to win the Excellent Photographic Award.

It was decided that Dr. Kumamoto and a master’s student Higashi would win the Excellent Photographic Awards of the Ceramics Society of Japan.

2017.03.15  Feng Bin win the Metallography Award.

Dr. Feng Bin won the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Metallography Award (Fine Work Prize) at the 2017 Annual Spring Meeting.

2017.03.11  Prof. Ikuhara’s Medal with Purple Ribbon celebration

We held Prof. Ikuhara’s a Medal with Purple Ribbon party at Gakushikaikan.

2017.03.03  Prof. Claude Delmas of ICMCB-CNRS gives lecture.

Professor Claude Delmas of Institut de Chimie de la Matiere Condensee de Bordeaux, Centre national de la recherche scientifique visited our institute and gave a lecture on“From solid state chemistry to Battery materials Electrochemistry: a tool for Solid State Chemistry” for us.

2017.03.01  Prof. Eva Olsson gives lecture.

Prof. Eva Olsson of Chalmers University of Technology who have stayed at UT as JSPS Invitation Fellowship gave a lecture on“In situ TEM studies of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties” for us.


2017.02.28  Final Program updated

University of Tokyo-Chalmers University of Technology Workshop on Advanced Materials and Transmission Electron Microscopy will be held March 30-31, 2017 at the Sanjo-Kaikan, University of Tokyo.

The final program   How to get


2017.02.15  UTokyo-Chalmers Workshop to be held March 30-31, 2017.

University of Tokyo-Chalmers University of Technology Workshop on Advanced Materials and Transmission Electron Microscopy will be held March 30-31, 2017 at the Sanjo-Kaikan, University of Tokyo.

Program   How to access to the venue


2017.02.13  Why don't you come for a visit?

We hold our laboratory tours for newly 4th grade students for the following date. We are planning to briefly introduce our laboratory, a quastion and Answer period and Microscopy tours. Please feel free to join us!

     Date     Day         Hour
February 22Wed10:00~12:00
February 23Thu10:00~12:00
February 24Fri10:00~12:00
February 28Tue13:00~15:00
Place: Room 415, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 9 at Asano Section.