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  1. 2015年 学術論文

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      6. B. Feng, A. Kumamoto, N. R. Lugg, N. Shibata, and Y. Ikuhara, "Atomic-Resolution STEM-EDS Mapping of Grain Boundary Solute Segregation in Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia - RETRACTION," 
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      8. L. Gu, D. Xiao, Y.-S. Hu, H. Li, and Y. Ikuhara, "Atomic-Scale Structure Evolution in a Quasi Equilibrated Electrochemical Process of Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Batteries,"
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      16. H. Komatsu, H. Arai, Y. Koyama, K. Sato, T. Kato, R. Yoshida, H. Murayama, I. Takahashi, Y. Orikasa, K. Fukuda, T. Hirayama, Y. Ikuhara, Y. Ukyo, Y. Uchimoto, and Z. Ogumi, "Solid Solution Domains at Phase Transition Front of LixNi0.5Mn1.5O4,"
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